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I'm a BACP trained therapist,who has specialist trauma training whilst remaining integrative in my approach, and who is now working privately in the therapy sector. I come from an Education / Psychology background and bring a wealth of experience working with a variety of people and their situations. Therapy can be a transformational process, facilitating growth or change. It can be: painful, fun, bring light-bulb  moments and challenging but always has the potential to empower so that you can steer your life in the direction you choose.


Whether you seek:

  • Recovery from pain or trauma

  • Self Discovery

  • Improvement/ success in  your personal or professional relationships

  • An increase in confidence or tackling anxiety

  • Breaking patterns of behaviour or relating  that no longer serve you well

  • Learning to live with a diagnosed disorder , therapy is safe, dynamic environment within which to explore these.


Whilst the therapeutic relationship, in itself , is central to the process of therapy and can be a powerful catalyst of change, I believe that people should be able to access effective therapy that is firmly rooted in psychological theories. I will, therefore, use a number of techniques within a framework that suits your individual personality and concerns. Once the therapist and person find each other, a connection is made and the work can begin.

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