Pandemic Possibilities

The changes we might experience as society living through this moment in History have been suggested in the media but a focus on this is, understandably limited, as scientists work intensively to understand the virus and save lives now and in the future. Whilst undoubtedly academic Psychologists will come on board, at some point, to research the socio- psychological impact that results from Covid 19, they might also find themselves writing about the missed global opportunity to pause and appraise our evolution and make the necessary to changes to ensure a fair, civilised and intelligent society. I look forward to reading these academic studies,which will quantify and measure ,allowing us to make valid conclusions about the impact of this global threat to our health but of equal significance is the recording of individual experience, thoughts and transformation through this pandemic. I am inviting everyone of all ages and walks of life to share your thoughts. Please get on board with your contributions no matter how small they might seem. It is when this is all viewed collectively that what we have lived through will take on meaning. Catherine

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